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Wye Fruit
Wye Fruit Packhouse in Ledbury, Herefordshire

Our biggest crop is strawberries which are packed at The Wye Fruit packhouse which is on the outskirts of Ledbury. Wye Fruit chills, packs, operates quality control, lids and labels products and operates 7 days a week for the major supermarkets across the UK. Increasingly the supply is passed to local depots and stored under the Local Brand label.

Berry World

The fruit is then sold by our marketing company, Berryworld. Production in 2014 is expected to be over 2000 tons of class 1 fruit.

Herefordshire is now the most important strawberry producing area in the UK and we are proud of the taste and quality of our fruit.

Fruit is supplied from the end of April to early November. A large proportion of our strawberry plants are propagated in the Withers Farm purpose built poly house and adjoining fields.

At Withers Farm we also grow over 40 acres of blueberries and 40 acres of apples and an expanding area of our latest crop, kiwiberries.